Fairy Duster II

Fairy Duster
Calliandra humilis

Family: Legume or Pea (Leguminosae)

Size: To 2 in.

Date: 7/05/2001

Other names: Calliandra, false mesquite, dwarf stickpea.

Notes: This species is much smaller than the normal fairy duster, being only a few inches tall. Each pink puff contains several flowers,having long stamens, tipped with pink and white at the base. These are followed by flat, brown seed pods, containin 2 seeds, which split open when ripe, the halves standing wide apart. This plant is thornless and binds the soil. 3 species of Calliandra in Arizona.

This plant is found on the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch Working Check list of flora.

Dwarf stickpea plant profile on the USDA Plants server.