Lizard-Tail Lizard-Tail

Latin: Gaura parviflora

Family: Evening primrose (Onagraceae)

Size: To 0.25 in. wide (4 deeply cleft petals, rose to purplish, to 0.25 in wide by 0.375 in long in widely branching clister on flower stalk.

Date: 5/22/2001

Other names: Tall gaura, velvet leaved gaura, smallflower gaura

Notes: As opposed to the scarlet gaura, this plant has one erect stem, up tp 6 ft. tall. There can be several smaller side branches, but they branch out from above ground level, whereas the scarlet gaura plant is many branched at ground level and much shorter. There are 3 species of Gaura in Arizona, all found here.

Smallflower gaura entry in the online edition of An Illustrated Guide to Arizona Weeds, Kittie F. Parker, University of Arizona Press.

This plant is found on the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch Working Check list of flora.